Big Sur Jade Festival: Vendor Information

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 The Big Sur Jade Festival features jade and other lapidary arts by artists from all across the USA,  Canada, and New Zealand. It is one of the largest lapidary shows of it's type in the world. 

  Lectures for the 25th annual event, scheduled for 2018 TBA

Scroll down the page for listing of vendors and a corresponding map. 

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2018 Vendor Map: full listing

  1. Big Sur Jade Co 
  2. Gems & Jade Co 
  3. The Art of Jewelry 
  4. The Art of Jewelry 
  5. Jack Daggast  
  6. Sandra Mondoza
  7. Instone
  8. Monterey Jade Co 
  9. Stu’s Stones 
  10. Diana’s 
  11. John Carray 
  12. Estero Bay Graphics
  13. Alder Gallery
  14. D.C. Rocks 
  15. Matt Glasby 
  16. Rachael Moody 
  17. Twister 
  18. Wonder Works 
  19. Wonder Works 
  20. Rock Solid Jade 
  21. Rock Solid Jade 
  22. Beach Nuts 
  23. Love Harmony 
  24. Aaron Appel 
  25. Big Sur Jade Jewelry 
  26. Ancestral Edges 
  27. Revelation in Stone 
  28. Wilson & Ball
  29. Roger Merk Jade 
  30. Jewel Train 
  31. Mike Lyons 
  32. Yukon Jade 
  33. Dagberto 
  34. Peter Lee 
  35. Sky Fire Gems 
  36. Salty Jade
  37. Ronald Stevens 
  38. Lee Chavez 
  39. Gary Gowdy 
  40. Ken Ageen 
  41. Bob Carmen 
  42. Georg Schmerholz 
  43. Alan Spehar 
    1. 43a. F Menezeal 
    2. 43b. Wilson Lai 
    3. 43c. Mike Shanklin 
  44. Justin Jade Designs 
  45. Kris Green 
  46. Wesley Williams 
  47. Sun Moon 
  48. Jeff Stuabing 
  49. Cambria Jade Carver